Friday, October 2, 2015


Frights Group presents...


Try not to get any on you.

Berserker (1987) - This was one of those where it comes across my desk and I'm like, "OH SHIT! I remember that box art! That's in." Subsequently dug a little deeper and learned it's a slasher with a killer who wears a bear snout. So yeah, this'll work fine. ***Slasher

Cellar Dweller (1988) - I actually somehow rented this as a kid. All I can figure is it was that move where I kept asking if I could rent different horror movies and then on the 30th one, my parents were just like, "Fine. Yes. Whatever. Can we please leave this video store?" Then all the way home I'd be staring at the box getting freaked out thinking, "I'm allowed to watch it. Now what?" My memories of it are vague, but there's definitely a big rubber suit creature. ***Justin's Pick

Graverobbers (aka Dead Mate) (1988) - Oh man. Gotta love the disparity in those two versions of the box art. Somewhere, horror was doing well. Somewhere else, erotic thrillers were doing better. So what is this movie really? Let's find out together. (Don't worry. It has zombies and shit.)

Hard Rock Nightmare (1988) - Look. We'll show pretty much any metal horror film. But even for us, this thing has been way down at the bottom of the pile for the last few years. Then this year I happened to notice that it's from the director of Frights 2014 smash hit Evil Laugh (I don't know how that sorry son of a bitch was a smash hit, but it pretty much was), so that was an immediate front-of-the-line pass.

Satan's Blade (1984) - Ultra cheap slasher ('84 vintage) with satanic overtones and ski lodge setting. We've always done well with ski-lodge-based entries. This is basically a tentpole title. ***Slasher

Silent Madness (1984) - I read as far as, "Homicidal maniac is released from a hospital because of a computer error," and I knew I had to have it. Z-grade slashing + hokey 3-D effects + computer errors. Please note: Frights will not be showing Silent Madness in 3-D, but we will be showing the rare alternate Smell-O-Vision version, where -- per the director's specific instructions -- a dog of a long-haired breed is kept in the room while the film is screened and hosed down every few minutes so the movie smells strongly of a wet dog the whole time. ***Slasher

Mind Melters presents***Soul of the Demon (1991) - This creeps the lineup into the danger zone of the '90s, but it's only '91 and it's homemade by kids who probably started in the '80s. And it's gory and set around Halloween. It's probably the best we've got.

Terrorgram (1988) - I've wanted to show this forgotten anthology for years (the wraparound gimmick is a delivery boy!), but it's never made it past VHS and there aren't any decent looking copies of it. As you may have noticed, however, the standards around here have eroded substantially over the years. So we're doing the ugly, smeary VHS version. It'll be good. What the hell is with that tagline though? I don't get the whole box art really. There's lightning? It should be something like a paperboy launching a severed head at someone's porch. "He delivers terror." Would fly off the shelves. ***Anthology

Witch Story (aka Superstition 2) (1989) - More witches. A shady Italian sequel to Frights landmark Superstition (where that dude's head explodes in the microwave)??? This was a shocking find in this year's Frights research. And it is gonna own. No, it's not. Frights titles from the "I never knew this existed" category have historically blown goats. Anyway, come early this night. It could fill up fast.