Monday, March 29, 2010


While you're all out getting haircuts and renting tuxedos in preparation for this evening's gala premiere of Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!, be advised of a crucial change to the Frights film selection format. As in past, each night's selection (other than the opener) will be determined on-the-night via random drawing from the Frights bucket. The twist this year is that, in addition to film titles, the names of veteran Frights participants (Justin, Emily, James, Tom, Nate, Melissa) will be placed in the bucket. If your name is pulled, it is your responsibility to declare that night's film. If your name is pulled and you are not present, we will attempt to call you one time and give you the option to tell us which film to watch. If you do not answer on the first try, we will draw again.

Sid says, PICK ME!


  1. Wow. This is a game changer. Once a name is drawn is it removed from future drawings thereafter?

  2. Justin, I have not decided this yet. We'll put it to a vote before the first drawing.