Monday, March 15, 2010


October Frights presents...


On the far side of the year, a half-size helping of Frights to tide you over.


Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2
006) - After Thankskilling's evil turkey stole the hearts of audiences at Holiday Horrors '09, we knew we had to get a bunny in here. Happy Easter!

Slaughter High
(1986) - It's the classic gooey B-minus slasher, in a newly restored version from the UK, where the film is known as April Fool's Day.


Halloween Night [aka Hack-o-Lantern] (1988)
- I shouldn't even have to write anything here. Look at the Hack-o-Lantern version of the cover. It's metal as fuck.

Pledge Night (1988)
- Like many past Frights entries, this one gets grandfathered in because I saw the video box art at a young age and thought, "WHOA. The most fucked up shit ever must happen in that movie." Look at it. I mean, who okay'd this? It's obscene as it is and then you're like, what the fuck -- a banana? Soundtrack by Anthrax.

Rocktober Blood (1984)
- You'll notice there's no Shitfest section in this edition of Frights. Yay for Rocktober Blood in the main program!

Shock 'em Dea
d (1991) - '91? Yeah, this champion was a little late to the party. It's even got one of those "For the girl of his dreams..." taglines. Which, fuck, that shit was a joke by '88.


Cherry Falls (2000) - A fun and largely unseen contemporary slasher starring Brittany Murphy. With a killer targeting virgins, it's screw or die for the kids at a small town high school.

Silver Bullet (1985) - Corey Haim stars in this Stephen King joint about how Gary Busey is so fucking nuts, only silver bullets can kill him. Dear Corey, sorry it fell off the schedule at last Frights.


Bloody Birthday (1981)
- "Mum won't like it!" My favorite killer kids movie. Basically children being dicks, doing random violence and spying on hot naked older sisters -- all filmed with a delightful itchy, oily sheen.

The Boneyard (1991) - It's got killer kids, but let's face it, we're there for the FUCKING GIANT KILLER POODLE. *Olive's pick.

The Children (1980)
- A school bus accident turns kids radioactive. Then they kill people by hugging them and causing them to explode. You might want to show up on this night.

Mikey (1992)
- The kid from Blank Check starts wasting people. *Justin's pick. In fact, he's obsessed with it.


The Unholy (1988)
- Some such business about priests getting killed on Easter. Basically, it's got "un" in the title.

The Uninvited (1988)
- Oh shit! This thing has a cat creature that looks like I made it in my apartment out of a fucking oven mitt.

The Unnamable (1988)
- Um. It's got a monster on the cover? All right, I'm not gonna lie, this "un" gimmick is borderline.

FRIGHTS GRAB BAG (A Terrible Two, an Anthology and a Creepy-Crawly)

Night of the Demons 2 (1994)
- Frights '09 audiences gave the first Night of the Demons a hearty "C-plus." We at the Frights head office were naturally encouraged and quickly inked a deal to secure the sequel for this year. You're welcome.

The Offspring [aka From a Whisper to a Scream] (1987)
- We know you creeps love anthologies so we're bringing the re-up. This one's a kooky, bloody '80s gem with a fun Vincent Price wraparound. Not to mention, it's got a Killer Kiddies connection...

Rats: Night of Terror (1984)
- The latest creepy-crawly to invade Frights comes all the way from Italy courtesy of esteemed auteur Bruno Mattei (Hell of the Living Dead, Porno Holocaust, Women's Prison Massacre). Extra greasy and lots of red sauce. We salute Justin's heritage.


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