Tuesday, January 25, 2011


October Frights presents...


If some shit starts, the Frights team is ready to throw down. We do action movies now!


The Dion Brothers (1974) - Stacey Keach and Frederic Forrest are the titular brothers in this long lost buddy-scoundrel comedy gem.

Freebie and the Bean (1974) - 70s buddy-cop bliss! A classic R-rated goof-off. Finally (semi) available in glorious widescreen (via Warner Archive).

Running Scared (1986) - Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal did buddy-cops in the 80s, only to be practically erased from history a year later by the mighty Lethal Weapon.


Charley Varrick (1973) - Matthau toplines this bad boy, runs around the desert with a bunch of mob money. Check him on that poster. He's like, "I got this."

Johnny Handsome (1989) - Largely unseen Walter Hill joint starring Mickey Rourke. This was right before we lost him for like two decades.

The Soldier (1982) - "You don't assign him. You unleash him." Some of that 80s magic where terrorists are starting some shit and only one man can stop them.


If Looks Could Kill (1991) - This favorite of my nine-year-old self escaped onto DVD only recently via Warner's burn-on-demand service. I don't want to over-hype it, but it's easily Richard Grieco's best work pre-Night at the Roxbury.

Never Too Young to Die (1986) - Another from the "wasn't allowed to rent it when I was a kid" pile. Gene Simmons is a hermaphrodite terrorist. John Stamos (Stamos!) steps up to take him down because -- wait for it -- he's a high school gymnast. I can't wait to watch this piece of shit.

Rad (1986) - This, on the other hand, is from the "I saw the living shit out of it when I was a kid" pile. It's about a kid training for a really hard BMX race (the "Helltrack"). The sound of, "Next on HBO...Rad," was like hearing, "We will now celebrate your birthday again, for the hell of it."


Cobra (1986) - See the poster? Yeah, you get it.

Lock Up (1989) - Sly in the joint, vs. evil warden Donald Sutherland.

Nighthawks (1981) - A key early Stallone film where he has a beard.


Bulletproof (1988) - Busey as the hero! Look at him in that letterman's jacket, no doubt getting ready to make a wisecrack. This looks good.

Dead Bang (1989) - Don Johnson in a John Frankenheimer film I've never even heard of. I only read as far as, "They killed his partner on Christmas Eve," and I booked it.

Excessive Force (1993) - Thomas Ian Griffith? And he wrote it? Yeah, they gave it a shot. This shit was in theaters!


Best of the Best (1989) - I considered making us watch all of the Best of the Best films, but then I figured, let's save something for July Fights.

Fortress (1992) - Christopher Lambert breaks out of a futuristic prison. Latexy gore effects are involved. From Frights idol Stuart Gordon.

Miracle Mile (1988) - Cult film where Anthony Edwards picks up a ringing payphone and is told that the a nuclear war will start in 70 minutes.

Shakedown (1988) - Peter Weller and Sam Elliott take on an army of crooked cops. Classic tagline: "Whatever you do...don't call the cops." Also notable for being made during the best phase of Elliott's hair.

Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991) - Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee. I don't know if they're friends or enemies or what in this, but that poster is making a lot of promises. From Mark Lester, director of Fights favorite Class of 1984.

War Dog (1986) - Fans of The Stabilizer take note. This is Official Selections' own nutbar, a coked out Swedish squibfest. Holds some kind of record for number of innocent bystanders mowed down.


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